Boating Benefits

Why is ‘Life Better With a Boat?’ Read the benefits below…

There are many benefits to boating, so we thought we’d list a few:

It’s Easy!
Boating is easy, just like driving a car – simple to learn and once you’ve mastered it, you’ll wonder why you never did it earlier. Nowadays, even launching and retrieving is effortless thanks to modern trailers and quick-latching devices for drive on/off where you won’t even get your feet wet. As far as ‘where to go or how deep is it?’ the modern GPS’s and depth sounders show you all, and with so many training schools nowadays it really is EASY!

Boating is Natural Exercise
It’s no secret that staying active & being in the fresh air contributes to good health. But, did you know, using your muscles releases endorphins – the feel-good hormone – making you fitter and happier. Swimming, wakeboarding, skiing/tubing, snorkelling and fishing engage your muscles and increase your fitness.

Vitamin D
Sunshine provides Vitamin D – an essential vitamin that promotes healthy bones & is medically proven to improve mood. Nowadays, kids as well as adults rarely get enough due to our busy days in the office or sitting in front of our computers, TVs and mobiles. A day of boating allows our bodies to soak up a safe amount of Vitamin D – with the sensible use of Sunscreen too.

Unplug and De-Stress
Life is short! In this digital age, it seems we are fixated on ‘checking in’, ‘taking selfies’ and refreshing our Social Media accounts. Did you know Chronic health problems such as stress, insomnia and depression have all been linked to our lack of ability to ‘power down’? When you head out for your boat trip, it’s the perfect excuse to unplug, even if it’s just for a few hours. Now repeat after me “Sorry I missed your call. I was out boating all day!”

Strengthens & Creates New Relationships
One of the biggest factors contributing to your happiness and overall wellbeing relates to your social life. Medical studies link strong social ties to longevity, healthier eating habits, less stress & more. Spending a day on the water with family and friends regardless of the boating activity helps bond stronger relationships with unforgettable memories. Not only that, but you will meet many fellow boaties who will then become friends for a lifetime.

Explore Our Super State – WA
Western Australia has an extensive coastline with many beautiful rivers to explore. Your weekends should see you exploring our mighty Swan River which has many cafes, restaurants and pubs along its banks. Then there is Mandurah’s Peel with all the water canals and Yunderup river. Augusta’s Blackwood and the amazing Moore River, to name a few. Our famous Rottness Island has many crystal-clear bays only boaters can explore. The stunning Abrolhos or Monty Bello Islands. The clear blue waters of Esperance with its archipelago of 105 islands. The far north coast including the pristine Ningaloo reef where the whale sharks roam, all waiting for your next adventure.

Boating Suits ALL Budgets
It’s not true, that boating is expensive or costly. There are boats to suit all sizes and budgets. Boating has never been more affordable and for as little as $5000, you could be skimming across the waters with your family in your own boat. Buy the boat with a friend & it’s even cheaper! Finance has never been easier to obtain with some great interest rates.

Here’s a little breakdown for you with some approximate yearly costs to maintaining a $20,000 boat vs. the cost to buy fresh seafood, which let’s face it… Is never that fresh!

Service $750 2x 10kg Dhufish $1,200
Rego (Boat & Trailer) $200 4x Live Crayfish $200
Insurance $450 2kg Swan River Crabs $40
Total $1,400 Total $1,440

Petrol – Running a 70hp four stroke at cruising speed uses approximately 1L per 3km. A round trip to Rotto and back will use less than 20L of petrol. If you catch some seafood, the savings really start to add up!

Education is Key!
Boating has its own language – they don’t have a front or rear nor left or right, they have a bow and stern and port and starboard. There are even some simple statements that make navigating a boat easier such as:
* Right has Might – this simply means to stay to the right (which is the starboard side) when cruising rivers & estruaries, or passing another boat.
* There’s no red port left in the bottle – another simple statement that helps remember what colour and side Port is (obviously starboard is right and green).

Adventures are Endless with a Boat
Boating has always been an adventure, from the first-time mariners that set off to discover a whole new world to the commercial fishermen and merchant seamen. Whenever or wherever you take to the water in your boat, from a dinghy to a yacht, you are joining the ranks of marine adventurers of all time. There is always an adventure ahead of you!

Boating is FUN!
Last but certainly not least, one of the top reasons for boating is simply because it’s fun. There are many activities whether you like to simply take in the sights, have your own floating waterfront restaurant, fish, ski, snorkel, cruise, overnight or simply find a secluded swimming spot. ‘You’ll discover a whole new world through boating’.

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